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AC Cleaning

Dubai by and large has a hot and arid climate, summer times, in particular, can witness temperature crossing over the 50° C mark. Air conditioners are no more a need but a necessity in the Emirate. Like any other paraphernalia found in your home, air conditioners can also accumulate dust and mold over time. If left unchecked, this can result in the inhabitants developing allergies and respiratory illnesses. Dust, dirt, pollen, and animal fur are among the most common airborne pollutants that can clog your AC vents.

In addition to its health benefits, a clean AC can also help to lower your electricity charges. Ideally, AC’s need to be cleaned at least once in every six months to ward off the aforementioned health hazards. Awal Experts extends our AC cleaning service in Dubai to both home and office spaces for prices starting from 99 AED. Our AC cleaners are prompt and efficient in the work that they do. Contact us today and to know more about our AC related services.

Benefits of Timely AC Cleaning

Save on Utility Bills. Thorough and proper cleaning of your AC unit can help you to significantly cut down on your electricity bills. A dirty air filter can make your AC unit work harder and draw more electricity.

 Increased Productivity. It’s no secret that a healthy and hygienic work environment directly translates to a more productive and livelier team. Clash free mapping of construction activities.

Reduced Maintenance Costs. Regular inspections of your AC helps to detect minor issues before they evolve into major problems.

Increases the Life of Building Components. Air conditioners are expensive, so ensuring its longevity can help save money. A well-maintained AC will definitely outlast its dirty counterparts.




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